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Daily Links, Feb. 16: Bishops, unions, and teachings

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Today the House held its hearing on religious freedom. How did things go? Well, since no women were among the witnesses at the hearing, many Democrats walked out. For more on the mandate, today Bryan Cones suggests the bishops have a lot at stake and the editors of America magazine weigh in.

A year ago, protests began in Wisconsin about anti-union legislation. Today, Msgr. Owen F. Campion at Our Sunday Visitor declares that efforts to weaken collective bargaining--such as "Right to Work"--directly contradict the church's moral teachings.

Today, Pope Benedict has said of the world of finance: it "has become an oppressive power, that almost demands our adoration, mammon, the false divinity that truly dominates the world." Meanwhile the NETWORK Lobby reminds us of what Catholic social teaching says about income inequality.

And, Catholic governor of Washington state Chris Gregoire, who has recently signed gay marriage into legislation, wrote a letter to fellow Catholic governor Chris Christie (NJ) offering to talk with him about how she came to her decision.