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Daily links, Mon., Jan. 23, 2012: Of mandates liturgical and contraceptive, from the land of bad ideas

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The new HHS mandate continues to reverberate through the blogosphere. Not too many responses to my blog on the topic, though. I'm wondering if contraception is the hill to make a "religious freedom" stand on.

From the land of dumb ideas comes an Australian proposal for a universal communion on the tongue mandate, which would definitely violate my religious freedom. Let's hope this one goes nowhere.

In other interesting news, Catholic Healhcare West, which was in the news over the controversial abortion in a Phoenix Catholic hospital, has disaffiliated itself from its Catholic identity. Hard to think that the public disagreement with Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix didn't have something to do with it.

To end on a nicer note, via Vox Nova I ran across a lovely essay by Emily Rapp on caring for her child who has Tay-Sachs disease about how to parent a child whose life will be cut short by this disease.