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Daily Links, Jan. 6: Schools closed and cardinals appointed

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The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has just announced that it will be closing or merging 48 parochial schools within the diocese. Archbishop Chaput says that the schools will move forward with hope and realism.

In other big Catholic news today, the Vatican has appointed 22 new cardinals, including Americans Timothy Dolan and Edward O'Brien. However, Bryan Cones points out that the appointments feature a pretty standard cast of characters.

Also on our blog today, Scott Alessi discusses the return to our attention of debates about married priesthood.

America discusses workers' wages--an issue the U.S. bishops have worked on for years. Says John Carr, executive director of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Department of Justice: “It’s not even a minimum anymore; it’s really a subminimum wage.” And, despite all the income equality in our nation, over half of the people considered to be in the global richest one percent live in the U.S.

Faith may have played a big role for Rick Santorum in Iowa, but likely won't be as big of a factor in New Hampshire. CNN also says that Santorum will need more than faith to win South Carolina, as well.

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