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Daily Links, Jan. 27: Pipeline, Inquisition, politics

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In news not early as exciting as women’s ordination (to the diaconate), the reception of communion, or the bishops’ response to the contraception mandate, apparently, the debate over the keystone xl pipeline isn’t exactly over according to Kathy McNeely, interim director of the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns. She told CNS after Obama denied a permit to TransCanada, Corp. after outcry regarding environmental concerns, "It just feels like this really important decision about the heartland of America is a political game right now, especially since the consequences are so high and it's such a huge threat to the earth as we know it in the Midwest."

This month’s Atlantic features an excerpt from Cullen Murphy’s book on the Inquisition and its’ integral role in shaping the modern world. NPR’s Terry Gross interviewed Murphy who writes that modern interrogation techniques are surprisingly similar to those of the Inquisition.

Also from the Atlantic, the political consequences of military drones, not just moral ones.

The Forward reports that there will be political consequences to a Republican ticket with Gingrich at the top.

No more gay-straight alliances in Canadian Catholic schools. They’re opting for “respecting differences clubs.” Totally different.

Finally, what was this guy thinking?