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Daily Links, Jan. 12: Favored footballers, creative captions, and prison pardons

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Football season is pretty much over, but there's still plenty of talk about everyone's favorite (or least favorite) quarterback, Tim Tebow. Tebow's certainly got people--including former NFL player Fran Tarkenton--talking about God, faith, and sports (and on, God's favorite players). That piece from got us here at U.S. Catholic talking...about awesome captions for this photo. Send us your creative captions in the comment section!

In other football news, one of the many plans for a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings might cause logistical problems for the Basilica of St. Mary. Why does this sound familiar? I'm sure any crisis can be averted with a simple coordination of the start times of Masses and games.

We're also talking today about religious freedom, criminal pardons and unions on our blog.

With the South Carolina primary coming up, many people are wondering how Rick Santorum--the Catholic whom evangelical voters take to--will fare.

CNN looks today at the history of the Jefferson Bible. Only 100 years ago, in 1904, copies were presented to new legislators.

And, a court in Texas has upheld an "ultrasound before abortion" law. For more on new strategies in the pro-life movement, be sure to see the coverage from our January issue.