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Daily links, Wed., Dec. 28: Sen. DeMint's war on the poor, and Christians libertarian and pugilistic

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In class warfare news, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint issued his Tea Party-inspired deficit reduction plan, 70 percent of which ($3 trillion) comes from programs to help the poor; the rich (seniors with annual income of $1 million and certain super-wealthy farmers) lose about $20 billion in government support. You do the math. In other news, U.S. Catholic's own Liz Lefebvre blogs about the millionaires that make up Congress. No wonder "shared sacrifice" tends to mean cutting Medicaid. Seriously? You can go to hell for that kind of meanness. (See Matthew 25, goat section.) Also in politics, on the eve of a possible Ron Paul win in Iowa, Norman Horn explains how one can be both Christian and libertarian because--well, maybe you should just read it if you are interested.

Laurie Goodstein at The New York Times covers the conflict between church (Catholic Charities) and state (Illinois) over same-sex couples adopting children and Catholic Charities getting state contracts. We at USC have so already covered that.

At Vox Nova, Christmas continues as David Cruz-Uribe blogs about how well clergy get along at Bethlehem's church of the Nativity. (Not so well.) Whatever happened to that "Prince of Peace" stuff?