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Daily Links Wed., Dec. 14: The white, the rich, immigrants, and Mary

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Yesterday, we passed around our office a strange Forbes column that first recognizes the inequity between affluent white kids and poor black kids and then ignores most of those inequities while musing over what the author, an affluent white man, would do if he were a poor black kid. Bryan Cones responded today by pointing out all of the social capital that his 2-year-old neice has already built up by virtue of having been born to a white, middle-class family.

Speaking of the middle-class (or what millionaires seem to think is the new middle class) right now it’s looking like the Senate will be making more concessions to millionaires to pass the new budget. Food for thought: “Democratic lawmakers are considering whether to jettison their demand for a millionaires' surtax, which they had hoped to use to cover the cost of a Social Security payroll tax cut extension for millions of wage-earners, officials said Wednesday.” So, I’m going to guess the Senate isn’t listening to the bishops on this one.

According to Republican (and Catholic) Rick Santorum. Vox Nova responds.And speaking of things that are just wrong. Actually, I think images like this are funny and thought provoking and not wrong at all. After all the romanticized images of the birth of Christ to a young poor girl in a stable, an image like this is a refreshing reminder of just how terrifying and surprising the discovery of pregnancy is. You could totally add a speech bubble that says, “OMG.”