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Daily links, Fri., Dec. 9: Jewish cool, an Occupy wedding, and Rick Perry's Brokeback moment

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Our favorite Orthodox Jewish glee club is back, as the Maccabeats of NYC's Yeshiva University entertain at the White House not-quite-yet-Hanukkah party. Hipster Jewish is the new cool.

Rich Perry's gays-in-the-military-equals-war-on-religion video rockets to new heights of dislike on YouTube, as his choice in overcoat is compared to that worn by Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. Mixed signals? I'll leave it to others to determine which one looks better in his cowboy gear. (OK, I'm going with Ledger.) You won't want to miss the Strong dinosaur parody.

And just to show that Occupy Wall Street is not out to destroy all things holy and capitalistic, two Boston OWSers tied the knot as police decided not to storm their camp. Yet.