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Daily links Fri., Dec. 2: immigration, contraception, delusion

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Republican presidential nominee candidate du jour, Newt Gingrich, is gaining traction among evangelicals, reports the Daily Beast. Some have gone so far as to compare him to King David. Our own Claretian Father Tom Joyce compares Gingrich’s stance on immigration to other GOP candidates.

Catholics are the “sleeping giant” in the Occupy movement, writes Tom Beaudoin.”Those formed in Catholic thought and practice have much to contribute to Occupy, including a rich tradition of Catholic social teaching to inform thinking about economic justice…”  

NPR reports that while Catholics are getting upset over new federal regulations that require no-cost contraceptives be provided in health insurance plans, 28 states already have similar regulations. “While some religious employers take advantage of loopholes or religious exemptions, the fact remains that dozens of Catholic hospitals and universities currently offer contraceptive coverage as part of their health insurance packages.”

Belgian Catholics are asking their bishops to entrust churches to lay people, among other things. “Some people are fearful about approaching church leadership," said [Fr. John Dekimpe, one of the priests who helped launch the manifesto], who lives in Kortrijk. "Is this being a dissident? I don't think so. The Belgian church is a disaster. If we don't do something, the exodus of those leaving the church will just never stop. ... I really want the bishops to reflect deeply about the growing discontent of so many believers."

Sister Helen Prejean spoke today in Raleigh, North Carolina.  

And since this seems to be the week where Liz and I air our grievances about a certain NFL football player: Puh-LEEZE.