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Daily Links, Dec. 29: Happy New Year!

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It's the last day we'll be at work here at U.S. Catholic in 2011! Before we see you again in 2012, here are your last daily links for the year!

Cardinal George is still feeling the heat in Chicago after his remarks about the Gay Pride Parade, with many calling for his resignation. How's this for timing: George turns 75 in January, and therefore is required to send a letter of resignation to the pope. However, George is hoping Pope Benedict won't accept it.

The end of the year means that the Iraq war is over and troops are coming home. Our Sunday Visitor asks: Now what? And, Faith in Public Life examines some reactions to the end of the war.

The end of the year also means lots of "Best of..." lists. TIME has provided 54 of these lists, including the top religion stories. The Washington Post also has the top religious and political findings of the year.

Thinking about your new year's resolution? Do you have any unique or interesting resolutions for 2012? Some new spiritual practices of your own that you plan to take on? A change you're determined to make in your daily life? Send us a brief description of your resolutions to and we'll share some of them with readers on our blog.

Have a Happy New Year! See you in 2012.