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Daily Links, Dec. 15: Poverty, injury, and obedience

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A new census report says that 1 in 2 Americans is now considered low-income or poor. Bryan Cones responds to this report, calling it morally unacceptable.

In another response to Tony Perkins' claim that Jesus was a "free marketer," James W. McCarty at Christian Century makes a compelling argument that Jesus was an "occupier." This conclusion seems fitting in light of Time magazine naming "The Protestor" its 2011 Person of the Year.

2011 is almost over, which means that the Iraq War is also at an "end." Think Christian again raises the issue of moral injury for those returning home from overseas.

And with 2012--a presidential election year--right around the corner, it's time for the presidential candidates to focus on the main issue concerning Americans right now: the economy. Right? Oh, maybe not. Scott Alessi examines the pro-life promises running rampant on the campaign trail.

Speaking of the campaign trail, it's a little sad that this is seriously a news headline (though the days of faithful obedience in marriages seem long gone).

Also in the cateogory of "I can't believe this is news!": The man previously identified as Tim Tebow's pastor clarifies, no he isn't. The most newsworthy part of that story is the second half of the headline. And, because there's more stories on Tebow every day than he has touchdowns, here's another one that is actually quite thought provoking: Would America still love Tebow as much if he were a Muslim?

With the holidays (and the Super Bowl) almost upon us, who ISN'T thinking of Madonna's 1983 sensation? (Probably not the Catholic League.)