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Daily links Wed., Nov. 30: Five things that make you go hmmm (and not in a good way)

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1. Tim Tebow’s antics (yes, antics) as Advent lessons (As a friend’s mom responded upon reading this editorial, “There are other ways to prepare for Advent than thinking of Tim Tebow.”)
2. Tim Tebow v. Jesus comparisons (Though, in Stephen Prothero’s defense, he at least points out that “Tebow is, at best, a mediocre NFL quarterback,” emphasis mine.)
3. Intelligent Design
4. Insisting that Christmas trees be called Christmas trees not “holiday” trees because after all, their roots are 100% Christian and the word holiday has absolutely no meaning whatsoever for Christians.
5. Learning about Mass texts that were rejected in favor of Mass texts that are frustrating on so many levels.

In other (better) news, the iPhone voice-activiated app, Siri, might just be pro-life. It isn’t exactly helpful when you ask it where to find an abortion clinic. It also has this to say about University of Florida’s football team (Tim Tebow’s alma mater).

Ooh, look: an ornament for your holiday tree: