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Daily Links, Nov. 3: Good news/bad news

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The Bad News: The Boston Pilot--the nation's oldest Catholic newspaper--had published an opinion column suggesting that the devil was responsible for homosexuality, before the column was later withdrawn and an apology was issued. How this was allowed to be published, we're not quite sure. Read what U.S. Catholic managing editor Bryan Cones has to say about the incident and its implications.

The Good News: Last night, Jim Wallis of Sojourners debated Richard Land of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission on the topic of faith in the 2012 presidential election. Though the two hold many differing and often opposing viewpoints, they were able to have a civilized, reasoned debate. Both agreed that attacking a person's character was unacceptable when debating moral issues. If only it were this easy for all of us--politicians included--to do the same!

Some Good News within Bad News: Our struggling economy has left many individuals and people feeling the pinch of a tighter budget. Our Sunday Visitor takes a look at how four Catholic charities have still found ways to make sure that they are serving the needy in hard times. And Fr. Larry Snyder of Catholic Charities will also be participating in the Food Stamp Challenge to raise awareness about the reality of hunger and poverty affecting millions of Americans.