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Daily links, Nov. 29: Testimony, tuition, and still talking translations

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We're now two days removed from its arrival and everyone is still talking about the new translation of the Roman Missal. OK, but surely there must be something else happening in the news, right?

In Philadelphia, former archbishop Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua testified today behind closed doors in a deposition for the big upcoming Philly sexual abuse trial. In addition to those accused of abusing minors, Bevilacqua's former secretary for clergy is facing charges for transferring priests who were accused of abuse, though he claims he was just following the archbishop's orders. It will be interesting to see how the trial plays out.

There's more talk today about the church's battle for a religious exemption from the HHS contaception mandate, as now some supporters of President Obama are worried that he may grant the church's request. Why the concern? Because it may cost him votes, of course.

Looking into colleges? According to CNN, schools with a religious affiliation, including Catholic universities, are a real bargain on tuition. But be warned--some still say that Catholic colleges have a lot of work to do when it comes to maintaining their faith-based identity.

The discussion over female altar servers rages on, with another take on the issue making the rounds today.

And if you really want more about the new missal, although I couldn't stand to read through the 900+ articles and commentaries that came up on a Google news search, this one (from the Toronto Star) gets my award for best headline:

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