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Daily links, Nov. 2

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Mississippi voters will make history next week as they vote to define what constitutes personhood, Scott Alessi reports on the blog. It’s a sticky issue and one that has both conservatives and liberals squirming about the implications of allowing the state to define who’s a who.

Vatican’s new liaison to the Jewish community has already stirred up controversy. Among his faux pas that have Jewish scholars and interfaith experts sighing “Oy vey” include claiming that Jews approve of the canonization of Pope Pius XII (the pope during the Nazi era who is widely criticized for not doing enough to protect Jews from Hitler) and concluding “that the cross is ‘the permanent and universal Yom Kippur’ and a sign of reconciliation.” Perhaps it’s just a rocky start, but some are already comparing him to his predecessor, Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Bishop to Wisconsin Catholics: Leave your guns at home. Seriously. He shouldn’t have to even tell you.

Speaking of people who live in the North where it is often cold, especially in winter months, Canadians also take it upon themselves to determine who’s a “real” Catholic and who isn’t. Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is apparently not real, according to Tory MP Dean Del Mastro. I’ll leave it to Wikipedia to explain what “Liberal MP” and “Tory MP” are.