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Daily Links, Nov. 17: Millionaires, dysfunctional families, and cathedrals

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Despite news that many millionaires are among the recipients of "government handouts," a different group of "Patriotic Millionaires" is speaking up, and their message is clear: they want to pay more taxes.

The holiday season is almost here, which has Our Sunday Visitor asking where we will find hope this advent. For others, the holidays means spending time with your dysfunctional family--which can perhaps be an apt metaphor for the Catholic Church, says Matthew Schmalz at On Faith.

According to this TIME editorial, most Catholics are pro-choice.

This just in (again): President Obama is still not the anti-Christ. But, if you'd like to leave your opinion of how Obama's presidency has gone in light of Catholic social and moral teaching, be sure to take our Reader Survey! Results will appear in the February issue of U.S. Catholic.

And, the sale of the Crystal Cathedral will be resolved today. For those looking for a "cooler" cathedral, check out these plans in the works for a "snow church" in Germany.