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Daily Links, Nov. 16

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Lately, it seems you can’t get away from the Penn State scandal. Perhaps that’s a good thing, though because we cannot forget that that protecting an institution at the expense of a sex abuse victim is never OK. In Forbes this week, crime writer Kathryn Casey reminds readers that not only is it a violation of justice and truth and the belief in the dignity of human persons to cover up such sin, sex abuse victims are more likely to become abusers themselves, which is bad for all of us.  “The bottom line is that the cover ups aren’t protecting anyone but, rather, making all of our children, all of us, less safe.”

On the less grim and less reported side of things, a Canadian comedian seems to be baiting Bill Donahue, et al by casting Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary in a comedic Christmas special.

Baptists are like Macs, according to Joe Carter, explaining why so many Catholics are “crossing the Cumberland” and joining up with the Baptists. (“The headquarters of the Southern Baptist Convention is located just across from the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee,” explains the article.) “You don’t have to know or do much to get started,” he writes alluding to the ease of use of the computers.

And finally, just who is considered in need?