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Daily Links, Nov. 10: The envrionment, JoePa, and driving ranges

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There's been a new development in a key pro-life issue--and no, it doesn't have to do with any Personhood amendments. Bishop Stephen Blaire, the U.S. bishops' committee leader on domestic justice, has said that environmental stewardship should be serious of serious concern to the pro-life movement.

This news comes around the same time that the administration has announced that there will not be a decision on the proposed Keystone Pipeline until after the election, while research is done on a new route that would place the pipeline farther from a major water source.

Comparisons have abounded between the sex abuse scandal in the church and the unfolding news of a similar scandal at Penn State. Read what our own Scott Alessi says about the notes that the church should be taking on Penn State's situation.

Meanwhile, Bryan Cones asks: Who gets to decide what constitutes a "religious reason" sufficient to gain exemption from a civil law?

Fore! Apparently in Fairfax, Virginia, a golf ball from a nearby driving range broke through the window of a Presbyterian church, hitting a youth pastor on the head.