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Daily Links, Nov. 1: Saintly celebrations, campus controversy, and immigration battles

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Happy Feast of All Saints! To celebrate the day, take a look at our special section on saints here at We're also sharing readers' guest blog posts on saints this month, and Michael Sanem gets us started today with a post on Oscar Romero, who may not be an official saint yet, but he is certainly an influence on the lives of many Catholics.

The saints in heaven are probably getting plenty of prayer requests these days, with all the conflict taking place in the world. A sampling of some of the latest stories:

Catholic University is arguing that it is a welcoming place for Muslim students, despite a lawsuit that accuses them of discrimination for allegedly denying Muslim students a prayer space free of Christian symbols. This comes on the heels of the debate about CUA switching to single sex dorms, which a report says is not working when it comes to cutting down sex on campus.

The Washington Post reports on the fact that church leaders are still at odds with the Obama administration, particularly when it comes to abortion and contraception.

Remember the bidding war over California's Crystal Cathedral? It is still going on, with Chapman University being the most likely winner after upping its bid to $51.5 million. But the Diocese of Orange is not going down without a fight, claiming that it would be a better buyer in the long run.

Catholic-Jewish relations are taking a hit after comments made by Cardinal Kurt Koch during a talk at Seton Hall University.

And finally, there's still a lot of debate going on about the controversial immigration laws in Alabama and South Carolina. The Justice Department is suing South Carolina over its law, and new protests are being launched against Alabama's law. Even Republican leaders who would normally favor such a law are backing off of this one.