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More on the Occupy movement: Stop with the namecalling

Meghan Murphy-Gill | Print this pagePrint | Email this pageShare

The Occupy movement continues to gain momentum across the country. So do the criticisms: not enough media coverage, no enough clarity on what the movement’s about (although, Occupy Chicago has been leading the way with a concrete list of demands), and of course, the stereotypes and dismissals of the protestors as a bunch communists, socialists, Trotskyites, lazy, students, bums, hippies, etc.

 I completely disagree with the complaint that they haven’t received enough media coverage and agree that simply protesting the way things have been isn’t likely to be successful. Getting the masses focused on a goal to accomplish is going to do a lot more for this movement than whining about a lack of media coverage.  I listened to TV stations’ helicopters hover over the march for about an hour and half this  week and I’ve read more articles and commentary (and comments) than I care to admit.

The blatant dismissal of the protestors is just as unproductive. Don’t we all want to get through this economic crisis and come out on the other side with our health plans, retirement savings, and homes intact? Don’t we all want our rights and our finances protected? With 99% of us are in one big boat together (more or less), wouldn’t we want to work together to keep our ship from sinking while the 1% sail away in their super swanky yacht? With all this screaming at or plain old ignoring eachother, we'll never get out. 


Speaking of boats: