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Daily links: Wed. Oct. 26

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On Vox Nova, Brett Salkeld asks if Thomas Peters (aka American Papist) knows that he exists. The narrative Peters constructs to describe Catholics doesn’t seem to have room for those Catholics who consider both the church’s teaching on social justice and morality not only important, but one in the same. Salkeld criticizes the narrative, not the faith, of Peters, who this week criticized Father Tom Reese, S.J. and everyone else who praised the Vatican for issuing a document on justice and the economy.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez in an op ed for First Things yesterday expressed concern over what he perceives as a threat to religious liberty in the U.S.

If you’re hoping to catch an episode of the 10-part Catholicism co-produced by Father Robert Barron, you can always book a flight on Delta.

In the church’s darker news, the Vatican continues to drag its feet regarding a full investigation, dissolution, or complete overhaul of the once darling, not much maligned Legion of Christ.

But back to the light. Liz Lefebvre (and Michael Scott), wish you a happy, happy, happy Diwali.

And finally, you don’t need to understand Spanish to get the message of this excellent video about solving world hunger. Who was it that said that we should have the faith of children if we wish to enter the kingdom of heaven? Maybe it had something to do with the simple, but powerful message of this video.