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Daily Links, Oct. 5: Wall Street, radicals, and the new iPhone

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As Occupy Wall Street continues to gain attention around the country, unions are beginning to join in the protests. But if unions are in, Religion Dispatches asks: Where are the clergy? (Perhaps instead of Wall Street, they are on their way to a different street, where the air is sweet… #occupysesamestreet.)

Speaking of radicals calling for change, let’s not forget about that radical guy named Jesus. Today Sojourners reminds us that the gospel should be offensive, as Jesus was someone who shocked and challenged the people of his culture. Here at, Scott Alessi reminds critics of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development that not only did Jesus work with the righteous, he spent time with the sinners, as well.

And, is anyone else besides me a little creeped out by the iPhone 4S and Siri, “the intelligent assistant to get things done just by asking.” (I've already chimed in with my two cents that we sometimes appear to treat our technology with more dignity than we treat other human beings.) Weirder still is that this technology appears to have been predicted over 20 years ago, as seen in this video of the “Knowledge Navigator,” a concept introduced in 1987. Though, I bet Siri probably doesn’t rock an awesome bowtie.