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Daily Links, Oct. 25: Social justice edition

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Yesterday's release of the Vatican document on international financial reform has, not surprisingly, generated a great deal of discussion among Catholics. The usual commenters in the Catholic blogosphere have weighed in, either applauding the document for backing their views on how to fix the economy or dismissing it because it disagrees with their politics. For a handy guide to the arguments from both sides of the church, check out the Washington Post's Under God blog, which breaks down who is saying what about the document.

While some are busy arguing about the economy, others are living with its harsh realities. takes a look at people who are finding themselves seeking assistance for the first time in their lives, while the Chicago Sun Times has a look at the middle class slide into poverty. The New York Times also has a piece, referenced in the aforementioned post, about poverty in the suburbs.

Over at Sojourners, a group of interns are taking the Food Stamp Challenge this week, which requires eating for $4.50 a day. 

Turning to another major justice issue, here's more proof that America's immigration system, as the U.S. bishops have argued, needs a serious overhaul. USA Today tells the story of immigrant Pablo Pilco, who came to the United States to produce Spanish-language programming for EWTN. A well-educated person with a job waiting for him in the U.S., Pilco still admits difficulties in navigating the immigration system, and even with a quality legal team working on his behalf, it took 11 years for him to obtain permanent legal status.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to rack up record numbers of deportations, which Congressman Luis Gutierrez says is nothing to be proud of. Illinois Coalition for Immigrant Refugee Rights director Joshua Hoyt agrees, and points out the hundreds of thousands of children left without a parent by these deportations. So much for the Obama administration being supportive of families.

Finally, Pope Benedict has a message on migration and evangelization for the 2012 World Day of Migrants and Refugees.