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Daily Links, Oct. 19: Deadline day and election day

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It's already deadline day here at U.S. Catholic for our December issue! But, the beginning of November is right around the corner, and most of our links today center on faith and politics.

Mitt Romney has said that voters shouldn't cast their ballot based on a candidate's religion or where he or she worships. Meanwhile, Bryan Cones thinks that we should put faith in our vote and Jim Wallis discusses "Biblical politics," saying that "to change injustice, you must confront politics." And according to Herman Cain, Jesus was the "perfect conservative." As Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite points out, Cain needs to remember that Jesus did not live in a democracy.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has gained a lot of media attention recently (including here on our blog), especially concerning the role of faith in the movement and in the lives of the 99 percent and the one percent. Not sure what percent you belong to? (Or, just looking for a laugh at a humorous simplification of the movement?) Check out this chart.

But, if you want to read seriously about solidarity with the poor, read this reflection from the late Dean Brackley, SJ.