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Daily Links, Oct. 13: Burritos, Corporations, and Charity

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We're pretty stoked here at U.S. Catholic today, having won free Chipotle burritos for the office in a business card drawing. (But we swear, we weren't responsible for this.)

Though we certainly enjoyed a delicious lunch, does buying Chipotle show support for the company? Adam Copeland at the Christian Century asks if one can protest corporations while wearing J.Crew and using an iPhone. In more commentary on Occupy Wall Street here at, Meghan Murphy-Gill calls for an end to namecalling and for us to recognize our commitment to the common good.

As our economy continues to struggle, Our Sunday Visitor asks if the church would be able to fill the social welfare gap created if the federal government were to pare down its programs. At the same time, Robert Lupton discusses the possibility that charity can do more harm than good. Though things can sometimes seem hopeless, the Sisters of Mercy are finding ways to keep hope alive.

And, here's an interesting look at how deaf Catholics are preparing for the new mass translations.