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Daily Links, Oct. 11: Procreation, tech creation, and occupation

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It is another warm, sunny day here in Chicago, perfect weather for Chicago's version of the Occupy Wall Street protests to continue. Cathy Lynn Grossman in USA Today looks at some of the spiritual takes on the Occupy movement, and now a group of "Protest Chaplains" are getting involved. Also worth reading is an on the ground report from Eric Gibble of the Catholic social justice lobby NETWORK from an Occupy DC event last week.

Elsewhere in the world, the Catholic Church in India is worrying about its declining numbers, so it has proposed a solution: Catholics need to have more kids. Hmm, maybe non-Catholics should be the ones having more kids, so those kids can rebel against their parents by joining the Catholic Church.

While the church in India is promoting procreation, some are still arguing the the HPV vaccine is one big promotion for teens to start having sex. U.S. Catholic senior editor Cathy O'Connell-Cahill takes on that argument in a blog post that is generating quite the conversation. Click on over and add your take on the issue.

The web this week is still filled with reflections on Steve Jobs and the mark he left on the world, including a lot of people trying to draw connections between his philosophy and Christian spirituality. Mary DeTurris-Poust at Our Sunday Visitor raises some questions about the great creator of technology and notes that his "Gospel of the Secular Age" doesn't always match our Christian beliefs and values.

Finally, a new study reveals that your faith has a lot to do with your bank account. For Catholics, there's more than faith at play, however: white Catholics are more likely to be wealthy, but Hispanic Catholics are generally below the median net worth of Americans. Of course, there are a lot of other factors involved in making someone wealthy, but it wouldn't hurt our church attendance for people to start thinking Catholicism can help their wealth--at the very least, their reward will be great in heaven.