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Daily links, Mon., Oct. 17: A tale of three bishops

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For those of you who don't hear enough about (or from) bishops:

Bishop of Kansas City, Robert Finn: Indicted, but no one talking about it. Pleading not guilty. Should resign, IMHO. Should at least go on leave.

New Archbishop of Manila, Luis Antonio ("Chito") Tagle: Appointed, everyone talking about it, evidently worth listening to. Rocco Palmo at Whispers in the Loggia fawns over the 54-year-old, noting that the episcopal youngers could "reign" for a quarter-century. (Reign? Really, Rocco? This isn't the Renaissance. How about "serve"? "Minister"?) A usually less-than-giddy Joseph Komonchak over at dotCommonweal sings the praises of his former student.

Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI: Declares Year of Faith, issues motu proprio (long slog there), gets new platform to make the trip down St. Peter's easier on the knees. Declares freedom from hunger part of the right to life. Amen, Holy Father.

Off to watch Dancing with the Bishops.