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Daily links, Fri., Oct. 28: The most dangerous organ in the body

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The tongue, of course!

Sometimes a tongue talks too much: In a case of letting sleeping theologians lie--maybe that's a bad analogy--the USCCB Committee on Doctrine issues a response to Elizabeth Johnson's response to their response to her 2007 Quest for the Living God, which sparked a major uproar in the world of those who love the feminist theologian and Sister of St. Joseph. Grant Gallicho gives the summary at dotCommonweal; Meghan Murphy-Gill wonders why some people always have to have the last word--giving the last word to Johnson's response to the response to the response to the book, for which I commend her (Meghan, that is) because I liked Johnson's response, or book.

Sometimes a tongue can't get its words right: A not-so-hot, connecting-the-wrong-dots story in the Washington Post covers the new translations, including the bishops' suggestion that old sacramentaries should be buried. (Really?) Where did that suggestion come from? PrayTell way back in May reported that the bishops' liturgy newsletter had the suggestion. PrayTell noted you could also burn them. (Don't give them any ideas. You know, you could put the old book on the shelf in the parish library--though then it may be tempting to borrow it and restore it to use if the new texts are really that bad--and they are IMHO.)

And some tongues don't get to taste good food: In yet another attempt to point out how hard it is to get by on the meager government food assistance offered the poor in these tough economic times, religious and political leaders are once again participating in the annual "Food Stamp Challenge" to see if they can manage on the $4.50 per day average food stamp benefit. Good luck with that one. Ramen anyone?