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Daily links: Thursday, Sept. 8

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It's September 8th, so I'll wish you a happy feast day of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, Cuba's patron! María de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda's reflects on the significance of this day for Cubans around the world.

Yesterday's debate between Republican presidential candidates failed to ask enough values questions, writes the Washington Post's Georgetown/On Faith blog. Read our own Meghan Murphy-Gill's blog about what kinds of questions we should ask presidential candidates who profess a faith.

The 10th anniversary of September 11th is quickly approaching, and people across the country and the world are reflecting on this day and its meaning for all of us. CNN examines four ways 9/11 changed America's attitude toward religion, while U.S. Catholic's Bryan Cones reminds us to remember not just those who perished on one terrible day ten years ago, but also those who lost their lives in the aftereffects of 9/11.

Archbishop Charles Chaput has once again made the headlines by saying that he can see himself becoming personally involved in the Catholic teachers' strike in Philadelphia. Chaput is being installed today, and the striking teachers have agreed to not picket the ceremony out of respect.

Tomorrow is Friday...thank goodness, right? Starting Sept. 16, Catholics in England and Wales will not be able to celebrate the end of the work week with a steak dinner, as bishops there have decided to reestablish the practice of abstaining from eating meat on every Friday (not just during Lent).