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Daily Links: Thurs. Sept. 22: Troy Davis, pope protests, and communion cups

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Yesterday evening, Troy Davis was put to death in Georgia, maintaining his innocence until the very moment of his death. Many doubts still linger surrounding the case, while Religion Dispatch asks if religion justifies Davis's death. Where do we as a country go from here? The Atlantic sees one of two legacies from this controversy: either Davis's story will fade with time, or propel us to change our laws regarding capital punishment.

Today marks the beginning of Pope Benedict's visit to his native Germany. While being met with some protest, the pope gave the following homily to a sold-out Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

The diocese of Phoenix is making another splash in the headlines. After one priest decided to ban altar girls from serving at mass, the diocese now plans to restrict the offering of the cup at communion. Read what U.S. Catholic's Bryan Cones thinks about this latest liturgical news.

St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania, has rescinded a speaking invitation from Ellen Goodman, a columnist with a 40-year career at the Boston Globe, after finding out that she is pro-choice. Goodman, who was to give a talk on civility, said appropriately, "Imagine my disappointment at having my plea for civility returned with a pie in the face."

Fighting Poverty with Faith, a national interfaith group working to end hunger and poverty, will launch its fourth annual mobilization campaign at the end of October. Meanwhile, the city of St. Louis has declared that people experiencing homelessness in downtown must be "out" by December 1.

And, for $50,000, you could have the chance to buy a Bible that's been to the moon and back!