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Daily Links: Thurs., Sept. 1

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Happy September, the month that kicks off my favorite three-month stretch of the whole year! Starting today, we’ll be posting a daily digest of links to stories by and about Catholics from around the web. Hopefully you’ll find plenty of conversation topics to bring to after-Mass coffee hour.

Tonight at 6 p.m. CST, on their live podcast, the lovely sisters from A Nun’s Life answer questions such as, why are many called and few chosen? Why would God call you and then not choose you? (Talk about passive aggressive!)

Sigh. This story. Again.

Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez says that Catholic immigrants will renew “Christian America.” Religion Dispatch  says Gomez’s stance on immigration is different from his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahoney’s, in that Mahoney’s attention was on the injustices of the immigration system, while Gomez is more interested in how immigrants can renew socially conservative values in the United States.

The Anchoress gets strangely obsessed with petty political maneuvering, straying from what she ought to stick to: commentary like this.

On our own blog, Lisa Calderone-Stewart shares what it’s like to wait to die, while Bryan Cones calls the War on Terror “morally revolting.” (And it’s hard to disagree when you learn that the cost of combat operations over 40 months—not quite four years—is the same as nine years of the Medicare prescription drug benefit.)

And lest you think it’s all doom and gloom around here, we answer a pretty important question in Glad You Asked: Can a Catholic go to communion at a Protestant church?

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