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Daily links: Sept. 7

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The 9/11 10th anniversary commemorations can be found at every corner of the internet this week, including this little space we’ve carved out here at While our September issue had already gone to print and been delivered by the time the attacks occurred, we’ve published some columns and interviews asking questions about the U.S. response to that day. HuffPo Religion has some reflections from chaplains of all faiths, including one by Jesuit Father Jim Martin, aka, pop culture’s favorite priest (or at least Stephen Colbert's). Disappointingly, no reflections from women are featured.

Religion scholar Stephen Prothero asks whether Dorothy Day’s abortion can keep her from sainthood. Catholic News Service reported yesterday that a Brazilian court rejected the appeal of one of Dorothy Stang’s murderers, rancher Regivaldo Galvao. He and four other men are serving sentences from 17 to 30 years.

In matters not related to tragedy or the remembrance thereof, the first woman is elected to head the U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and the NY Times profiles a priest who officiates tennis games. Father Paul Arinze, a certified bronze badge umpire (whatever that means…), is also director of vocations for the archdiocese of Madison. I guess he really knows how to call them, er, how they’re called, er, hears a calling…I give up.

Germain Grisez and Fr. Peter F. Ryan, the authors of the essay published in Theological Studies allegedly without having undergone the normal editorial process (read: The Vatican pressured TS to publish the essay), issued a statement saying say the essay did undergo peer review, “though the recommendations of those peers to cut the piece eventually led to the Vatican move,” according to the National Catholic Reporter, which, if I didn’t know any better, seems kind of like those kids in high school who were able to get their parents to pressure teachers for better grades. But I know better. I think…

But more about us (again): He’s still the new guy around here, but Scott Alessi is becoming one of our most prolific bloggers. Today he’s asking how the church can call for a just wage, but not pay one.