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Daily Links: Sept. 15: Statistics galore!

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Newly-realeased statistics, top-ten lists, and survey results are among today's top stories.

With the release of the U.S. Census bureau's statistics that 46.2 million Americans are living below the poverty line, Catholic Charities USA released a statement reminding us that behind all these statistics are individual people who are struggling. Catholic Charities president Rev. Larry Snyder implored policymakers to address this crisis. See also Scott Alessi's excellent commentary on these staggering figures.

While in the United States average SAT scores have decreased, Catholic schools in Canada have received higher marks on standardized test scores than public school counterparts.

The Public Religion Research Institute has released statistics on attitudes toward diversity since 9/11. Steve Thorngate from The Christian Century draws attention to one stat in particular: A slim majority of whites believe that discrimination against whites is now as large of a problem as discrimination against minority groups.

And, Forbes has released a list of the "10 Happiest Jobs." Coming in at number one? Clergy.