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Where do I see the Holy Spirit today? Part 3

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It might have been better to ask this reader where she doesn't see the Holy Spirit. She sees it everywhere!

Guest blog post by Suzanne Harris

First, I see the Holy Spirit in the fact that, despite the many flaws of those who make it up, the church is still in existence. How many organizations have survived for 2,000 years? In spite of the scandals that shake us, we’ve survived as bad ones in the past and undoubtedly will in the future. The church is made up of people who are not perfect, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, it endures.

I see a church that is a family. Our parish has refugees from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, along with people whose parents and grandparents grew up in the neighborhood. Why? Because wherever we are in the world, whatever our language, we are at home in any Catholic church, united by the Holy Spirit.

I find the Holy Spirit in the submissions to the U.S. Catholic blogs and in the disputes between theologians and bishops, the Vatican and national churches, liberals and conservatives. We don’t all or always agree, but we care vehemently and want the church to be the best it can be.

I see the Holy Spirit in the children, teens, and young adults who still come to Mass despite the siren calls of the secular world, and the many who are willing to give a year or two of their lives to help the less fortunate. I see the Holy Spirit in the many adults who keep parishes running through their many ministries—educational, liturgical, social.

I see the Holy Spirit in the fact that I can share worship with my Christian friends of other denominations, and that we agree about much more than we disagree about. We know that “church” is bigger than sectarian differences.

I see the Holy Spirit in the way Christians come together to support causes like the response to natural disasters, aiding the homeless, feeding the hungry, and working to make our world a better place.

I see the Holy Spirit inspiring the church, enriching its members, encouraging new ways of looking at our beliefs, our ways of worship, our ways of caring for one another. 

I see the Holy Spirit as the breath of life that keeps us alive.

Everywhere I look, I see the Holy Spirit in the Church.

Suzanne Harris is a reader from Spokane, Washington who is active in her parish and has a long-term interest in religious studies. 

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