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Where do I see the Holy Spirit today? Part 2

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The Holy Spirit inspires us to do God's will, writes a U.S. Catholic reader.

Guest blog post by Amanda Curran

For me the Holy Spirit lies within the heart of each and everyone of us. It acts as both an inspiration and an aid to bring us closer to God's love.

The Holy Spirit enables us to see the good and the beauty in all things. It allows us to open our eyes to see who Jesus is and where Jesus is present in today's world.

Jesus promised us that he would never leave us; a promise is a promise and he never broke that promise. He sent us the Holy Spirit not only as a comforter, advocate, and guide but also as an educator. When we pray, we pray to the Holy Spirit to enable us to see the best possible outcome in every situation.

We are called to be ambassadors of Christ--to continue on from where he left off, to feed the homeless man that we see on the street, to go and visit an elderly person sick in the hospital who has no one else, to lend a hand to someone who is tired and fed up with life's toils, to make every person's cross a little bit lighter, a little bit more bearable.

We will not all meet the same people, nor will we all have the same task, but the one thing that is common to us all is that Jesus has a plan for each of us that requires a small bit of work each day. The people we meet represent Jesus. Never again will we get this day back; never again will we be able to feed that same man nor smile at that same sad woman. Life is precious but when a moment is gone, it is gone.

The Holy Spirit is the guiding force within us that gives us the encouragement, the passion, and the zeal needed to ignite within us all the desire to do God's work. This is what we are called to do. Nothing else is more important. Let the Holy Spirit walk with you and you will never be alone.

Guest blogger Amanda Curran is a U.S. Catholic reader and parishioner living in Kells, a small town in Ireland.

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