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Newt Gingrich: Catholic for president

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I have been watching with humor Newt Gingrich's attempt to wrap his adultery in the Vatican flag in these past months. A new convert to Catholicism, Newt has been on the road flirting with a presidential run by hosting screenings of a film about now-Blessed Pope John Paul II with his wife, Callista.

A bit more surprising, however, is Gingrich's campaign strategy, which relies heavily on the person of the third Mrs. Gingrich, whom the media described as a "devout Catholic" and choir member who nevertheless was the married Newt's other woman while he was trying to impeach Bill Clinton for his philandering with Monica Lewinsky.

Of course, we Catholics preach forgiveness and second chances--and thank God, since we all need it--but it still seems unseemly to me to make a big play at the Catholic vote by leading with your own hypocrisy under the banner of the late pope.

P.S. Having already been pasted on Facebook for my "liberal leanings," I thought I'd share this from, which probably doesn't share my lefticism or whatever other heresy I'm judged to be guilty of.