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Bishop caves to blogger bullies

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Ecumenism took another blow, this time across the Pond in England, where the Catholic bishop of Liverpool withdrew an invitation to the city's Methodists to hold an ordination in the metropolitan cathedral. Archbishop Patrick Kelly withdrew the offer after bloggers referred to the ordinations as a "sacrilege," according to the UK Catholic Herald.

All I can say is that's too bad. With opportunities for ecumenical hospitality become ever rarer, I thought this was a nice gesture. In some ways it would have been a nice symbol for the cathedral to be used as a "mother church" (if only the building) for another Christian denominations ordinations. They are baptized, after all, and the cathedral should be a home to them as well.

I also think it unfortunate that, in a country where Christianity is desperately on the ropes, Christians there would still be exerting energy on such small potatoes issues. Another missed opportunity.