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Were you there when they popped his balloons

Meinrad Scherer-Emunds | Print this pagePrint | Email this pageShare

Leading up to Holy Week and Easter this year, the popular Saint Kitsch blog (“Celebrating all that is wonderfully awful in the world of Catholic kitsch”), has pulled out all the stops. Saint Kitsch says it’s “a place where we roll our eyes in veneration of all that is terrible in the world of Catholic kitsch and culture, with a dash of Protestant nonsense thrown in for good measure.”

The irreverent humor on this blog is, of course, not for everyone. The April 9 video clip, for instance, is preceded by the warning, “If you laugh, . . . you go to hell” and features a mishap in the live stations of the cross of a small church, wherein the actor playing Jesus falls off the cross.

The blog’s Holy Week series, “except for Good Friday for obvious reasons,” highlights “the worst images I can find of Our Lord’s Passion.”

The most memorable entry, however, is a balloon Jesus carrying his cross. “Whatever you do, don’t nail him to anything,” Saint Kitsch warns. “Or he’ll pop and that might be even more disturbing than this already is. . . . Oh and by the way I didn’t notice how very . . . uhm . . . natural Jesus is here until I already posted it.”