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Catholic Social Minsitry Gathering Day 1: Domestic issues LIVE BLOG

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I am going to the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering this week, learning about the bishops’ policy priorities and getting story ideas from those working in social ministry in parishes and dioceses around the country. (Sign up for a reminder about the live blogs on both Monday and Tuesday below.)

Monday’s schedule is focused on domestic issues, starting with a panel on "Poverty in America: Opportunity and Economic Justice for All." There will also be sessions on the following topics:

Addressing Federal and Local Immigration Enforcement Initiatives
Building a Constituency for Environmental Justice
Health Care Reform:  Lessons and Future Directions
Support for the Death Penalty is Waning: Keep the Momentum Going!
A Faithful Response to the Jobs Crisis
Advocating for Affordable Housing: Policies that Protect Vulnerable Families
Protecting the needs of the Poor and Vulnerable at a Time of Austerity
Protecting the Life and Dignity of All in Health Care

I will try to provide highlights from as many sessions as possible. Feel free to ask questions and share your opinions through the Cover It Live application below, or in the comments section.