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Concluding with Joyce Rupp

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A quick thanks to all the women who contributed guest blog post on our prompt: "How do you keep the faith as a woman in the church?"

The response was tremendous, and we look forward to continuing to hear from you in our comments and in future guest blog post opportunities. We had women from their 20s to their 80s contributing—some of them cradle Catholics and others who joined the church later in life. Everyone from people without parish homes to nuns—mothers, ministers, theologians, writers, readers—shared their perspectives.

And yet, common themes could be read in the posts: Community support and parish life, concern for the poor, prayer and spirituality,  hope for the future, the example of those who have gone before us—especially Mary and other saints—and mostly significantly God's grace keeps women in the church.

Thank you all for sharing your hopeful perspectives and we hope that the conversation continues beyond January. You can continue to see all 20-plus posts at

With serendipitous timing, we recently stumbled upon Joyce Rupp's acceptance speech upon receiving the 2004 U.S. Catholic Award. I've taken out the acceptance speech parts (thanking various people), and essentially what is left is Rupp's answer to the question of how she keeps the faith. To conclude this project, read her speech: "Pregnant with possibility."