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Your regularly scheduled rant suspended

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I was just working myself up for a classic liberal Catholic rant this week about something or the other (maybe the possibility that 31 U.S. cities will require their own Erin Brokavich before a known carcinogenic will be removed from their water systems) when I caught sight of the following video and I lost the urge to whine or complain about anything ever again (don't fear my loyal fans [fan?], I suspect that urge will likely return before too long).

Narayanan Krishnan will never be mistaken for Mother Teresa, but that's only because:

A.) he's a he

B.) he's not a sister

C.) he's not from Albania

D.) I suspect he may be a better cook.

Otherwise, that's pretty much where the dissimilarities end.

After I watched this I felt deeply ashamed about pretty much my entire selfish existence, but I post this video here not in the effort to share the self-loathing, but to hold up a fellow and an effort that is worth emulating in this sacred time, even if it can't be matched. You can find out more about his beautiful work on behalf of India's forgotten and disposable people at

Here's a report from CNN on this amazing fellow. Merry Christmas to all.