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The faith of miners

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The high spirits of the miners and rescue workers in Chile is simply inspiring--an amazing testament to faith. 

The miners said that there weren't just 33 men down in the mine, Anderson Cooper reported earlier this evening, because God was always there with them.

Their survival might not technically be a miracle according to the bishop, but this whole drama tells us that God is always with us. Through tragedy and through rescue, God is there. 

As I write this, we've seen three miners make it above ground, and each have been remarkably positive. Even the miners still below ground seem positive. I sit on my couch, a buddle of nerves, and yet everyone there seems so confident. They inspire confidence, hope, and faith in me. 

There are still 30 miners and two rescue workers to bring up--and days left to the rescue. As I go to sleep, my prayers are with Chile, not only for the continued success for the rescue, but in thanksgiving for this testimony to faith.