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Restoring Honor Rally conversation

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No we haven't covered the Restoring Honor Rally yet, but since you've started talking about it, here are your comments in a new blog post. Continue posting from here! (Instead of on the blog about debt/vocations!)


Restoring Honor rally

There is no mention anywhere of the 8/28 Glenn Beck rally... Anyone else go? It was a beautiful prayerful experience. I am sure thousands of Catholics participated. Where is the coverage?


Maybe Beck could first work

Maybe Beck could first work toward becoming honorable himself. That would say more than all his rants and rallies.

Can you be forgiving?

From a news report:

... Glenn Beck apologized for calling President Obama "racist" during a segment on the "Fox and Friends" morning cable news show last year.

In response to a question about the remark from "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, Beck said that he never should have said what he said the way he said it. "'Racist' - first of all, it shouldn't have been said," he replied. "It was poorly said. I have a big fat mouth sometimes and I say things. That's just not the way people should behave. And it was not accurate."

Beck's on-air apology on "Fox News Sunday" was actually the second he had made on the remark. His first apology for the "racist" remark came on a nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show on the Friday before the rally.

He has not asked my

He has not asked my forgiveness nor does he need to. He continues to make millions by playing on people's fears and prejudices. When he stops doing this, maybe I'll believe his sudden conversion.

Beck promoted and covered it

Beck promoted and covered it enough. No need to give him more attention.

Any Catholic who attended

Any Catholic who attended Beck's rally should be ashamed. He is a Mormon who has attacked the Catholic Church and any other that has a social message of giving to the poor, promoting an economic system that puts people not profits first, protecting the environment and anything else he sees as evil commie liberalism. Everything in the above list and more has been pronounced as Catholic social teaching by this pope and his predecessors. Conservative Catholics are always calling normal mainstream Catholics "Cafeteria Catholics" who are Catholic in name only. They usually follow that with an invitation for them to agree with Church teaching 100% or get out. Anyone who listens to Beck or attends his rallies is a Cafeteria Catholic on the far right side of the Cafeteria with one foot out the door. Maybe they should put both feet out and join Beck at his temple on Sunday.

Hatred of Mormons

Your tone suggest quite a bit of hatred of Mormons, which is acceptable on the left (and not subject to the protection of being a minority) because they are generally productive, are family oriented and vote Republican. Can you imagine someone saying "He is a Jew who...join (him) at his temple"?

Your hateful comtempuous smears that Beck sees giving to the poor and protecting the environment as "evil commie liberalism" is not productive to dialouge.

Rerum Novarum warned of too much government involvement in charity. Conservatives, not libertarians, do see some role for government, but want the role to be limited in line with the teachings of Rerum Novarum.

Check out the 12/10/09

Check out the 12/10/09 address by Pope Benedict to the Brazilian bishops discussing the visible consequences of deceiptful principles of liberation theology. By the way, helping the poor is a basic Christian principle. It is called charity, not distribution of wealth. Also. if I make money, I am pleasing someone with a service. I am not out robbing 7-11s. Having the ability to make money is a gift from God.


The Conservative Catholic mantra that giving to the poor should be entirely limited to voluntary charity and that government taxpayer funded aid is communistic redistribution of wealth is contrary to Church teaching. The Church teaches that governments have the right and duty to collect taxes for the common good including spending some of it on the poor who may be too poor to pay taxes. Conservatives take the Church teaching on Subsidiarity and twist it into a Libertarian principal. They share the view of President Herbert Hoover, a good and giving Quaker who believed as they do that all direct help to the poor should come exclusively from private voluntary charity. He thought the economic role of government was to support industry which would in turn benefit workers but did not think government should support individuals directly. He was a good humanitarian but a bad president at least as far as his response to the Depression.

Hoover 2

You lefties received they standard left-wing version of history. The Great Depression was made great by the government intervention of Hoover and FDR.


Conservatives think he was right to have a limited to hands-off response to it and that everything would have turned out all right in the long run but events in other countries lead support to FDR's belief that allowing the Depression to follow its natural course might have lead to desperate people seeking radical solutions. My mother's family was saved from going on Relief when my grandfather went off to work for the CCC. The CCC built things that would have never been built by private industry that benefit the country today. Conservatives were against it and are against government helping individuals today. It's not what the Church teaches.

You sound like a very angry

You sound like a very angry person. I will pray for you.

Right-wingers are the only ones allowed to be angry

Beck and his followers aren't angry? That's hilarious. Right-wing talkers practically put their fists through the radio and TV to the hallelujahs of their followers but they can all be counted on to dismiss anyone who criticizes them as angry. They justify their own anger because they are convinced they are right but anyone else has an anger management problem. It happens every time.

I'll take your prayers but following Glenn Beck just isn't Catholic. It would be interesting to read your justification of how it is.

I am a cradle Catholic and

I am a cradle Catholic and have a loving family. I am working hard by example to live a good life for my grandchildren and the future. I think Glenn Beck is a believer in God. There are many people who believe in God. There are many religions in this great country and we have great freedoms to worship in our various ways. At the rally, there were rabbis, priests, imams, ministers, many Baptist black preachers included. The best presenter was a rabbi in my estimation. By rallying with GB, one is not espousing to Mormonism. One is a believer in God. It is very basic. If we cannot unite "under God" and only a government, we lose the important concept that man is created in the image and likeness of God. Every man, including Muslims. Then, man is elevated as a society. It is not a terrible thing. I think progressives tend toward uniting under a government that dictates and controls banks, the auto industry, who gets health care, etc. It is a trend I disagree with. It is a secular view of life that diminishes the freedoms we cherish. I have to laugh that the rally was called conservative. It was, of course, but how often did you hear that Al Sharpton's rally was liberal in the news these past couple of days. That would have been politically incorrect. Don't be afraid of what occurred. It was a time of reflection, a time of prayer for what our country stands for. I think we all have so much more in common that not. Let's not fight.

Funny, how divisive people

Funny, how divisive people naturally tend to be. We are connected by so many core values. Mother Teresa would have gotten it, along with Martin Luther King.

No, I don't think Mother

No, I don't think Mother Teresa would have "gotten" Glen Beck... She would have prayed for him, however.