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Bring on the Catholic Kitsch

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The pope's trip to England is still a month away, but the sale of merchandise has already begun. It's led the U.K. Catholic Herald to ask, "Does Catholic merchandising trivialise the faith?" (Note British spelling!)

A good question. I've put together Catholic Tastes enough times to know that there are a lot of T-shirts and trinkets out there. I also received plenty of glow-in-the-dark rosaries from my grandmother when I was young--too young to use them, in fact.

So much kitsch; so much plastic! These products remind me of all the party favors that end up in the trash, only because they have religious meaning, I feel guilty throwing them away.  

Then again, one person's trash is another's treasure--such as my Precious Moments cross or a not-so-attractive angel statue, both gifts.

What do you treasure: plastic, Precious Moments, T-shirts, medals, or maybe an empty shelf?