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Two court cases on immigration law

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A second set of hearings on the Arizona law SB 1070 that makes it a crime to be in the state without documents began today in Phoenix. Already a judge has heard arguments for a preliminary injunction against allowing the law to be enforced.

The hearings go to the substance of the case and are based on the Justice Department's suit and one brought by the American Civil Liberties Union. Earlier this week the American Bar Association submitted a brief to the court supporting the Justice Department's arguments (see Washington Post).

The Justice Department has also gone to court against local laws enacted in Free, Nebraska. Much like the Hazleton laws previously struck done by federal court, they would prohibit renting to or hiring an undocumented immigrant.

The ordinances were voted in by the electorate, notwithstanding the opposition of political leaders and the business community. The Hispanic population has grown rapidly as it was recruited to work in the meatpacking plants. Ironically, these will not be affected by the new ordinances, since they are located outside the city limits (see Washington Post).