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The Catholic behind Glee

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Couldn't resist this BustedHalo blog post by the co-creator of Glee, which just won an award at the 17th annual Catholics in Media event. Ian Brennan is the son of a former Paulist priest, and while folks concerned with "truth" and Catholicism won't like what he says, he certainly exemplifies a certain Catholic ethos. While some may find that insufficient, I find it to be testimony to the enduring power of the "genius" of Catholicism, which runs a little deeper than the day-to-day doctrinal battles.

Brennan: "[Catholicism is] the dialogue between different attitudes towards scripture and towards belief that begets a living church. I believe wholeheartedly that honest, deep skepticism is as holy as religious devotion. I believe that pondering the nature of God, even questioning his existence, is itself a form of prayer. I think the Catholic faith is at its most beautiful when it acknowledges we have minds."

That may not capture the whole truth of Catholicism, but it certainly goes a long way.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it, Ian, I love Glee.