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Betty Chinn, USC In Person, is an All-Star

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US Catholic readers watching the All-Star game last night might have seen a familiar face--and not playing on the ball field.

Betty Chinn, featured as our In Person profile in June 2010, was one of 30 "All-Stars Among Us" honored for giving back to their communities last night. You can see all 30 All-Stars at

Chinn was among a select handful of All-Stars featured in a video played on national TV and in the ballpark. Her humility is particularly inspiring. According to her local paper, the Times-Standard, she didn't want the attention, but she agreed to participate to raise awareness for the homeless.

But what the Times-Standard and the don't tell you is what makes her story so compelling. The reason she cares for the homeless today is that she spent part of her childhood in communist China homeless and abused. You can read about her amazing story and faith life in "Second helping."

Despite her humility, though, her journey has led her to rub shoulders with some big stars. She won California's Minerva award in 2008, meeting Billy Jean King, Maria Shriver, and Bono among others. She was featured by Oprah, and last night Salma Hayek introduced her. Now, the homeless can say that the woman that hugs and feeds them, even hugged Alex Rodriguez. 

Congrats to Betty, and here's to much more good coming your way. You deserve it.