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Comedy Central's Jesus

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Get ready Bill Donohue! Comedy Central has a show about Jesus in the pipelines, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Here's what they say:

That last item could raise eyebrows coming on the heels of the network's recent censorship of "South Park" for attempting to depict the Prophet Muhammad. The show in development, "JC," is a half-hour about Christ wanting to escape the shadow of his "powerful but apathetic father" and live a regular life in New York.

"In general, comedy in its purest form always makes some people uncomfortable," said Comedy Central head of original programming Kent Alterman, who returned to the network in January after a stint at New Line.

Oh wait, Donohue is faster than I am and already has a post against "JC" before we even know much about it or even whether it'll make the final line-up. I'm sure it'll be offensive and I doubt it will be that good.