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And we thought Facebook had privacy issues

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The Chicago Tribune reports that a math teacher at a Catholic school was fired after ticking the "atheist" box on a Facebook questionnaire and posting a comment to the forum Atheist Nexus.

Even giving the school the benefit of the doubt here--let's hope there were some performance-based reasons for the firing--how on earth is a Facebook questionaire at all germane to the job performance of a math teacher? It's not like Abby Nurre was preaching atheism to her eighth-graders at St. Edmund's Catholic School in Fort Dodge, Iowa. How did the school even know about the postings, unless they are in the habit of Googling their teachers' names. Besides, did it ever occur to anyone at St. Edmund's that an unchurched person might come to faith through the Christian witness of a Catholic school? Not in this case...

When people who do believe in God behave like this, it's no wonder fewer and fewer people want  to be associated with us.