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Would you give up your house?

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The world seems to be in a giving spirit these days, but few have given to the level of the Salwen family, who sold their house and moved into a new one for half the price, giving away the difference.

Always a family of volunteers, the project began when the Salwen's then-14-year-old daughter, Hannah, said she wanted the family to make more of a difference in the world. Her mother, Joan, asked her, "What are you willing to sacrifice? Your house? Your room?" Hannah said yes.

You can read more about their book, The Power of Half, to be released Feb. 10, or in this excerpt in Parade. They also have a website with a blog.

Selling your house for charity is admirable, though I question how realistic it is for most families. Still, the challenge of their example gives people of faith a lot to think about.

What added luxuries could you live without? What do they add to your life and what do they take away? Do extras get in the way of your family life (as they did for the Salwen's)? How about your spiritual life? 

Not everybody has a house to give away or can downsize their house, but we all probably have something that we can let go of. What would it be for you?